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Parcul Feroviarilor

So, we are keeping everyone posted with our plans, in English this time 😉

We’re enthusiastic that friends from other countries, currently studying in Cluj-Napoca, have joined forces with us! We are renewing the invitation for cleaning affected areas in Cluj – we’re thinking about a beautiful park close to the railway station – “Feroviarilor Park”.

Anyone who wants to join us is welcomed both by Eco Steps and AIESEC Cluj for this initiative, on the 6th of June, starting at 9 a.m.!

e-mail: ecosteps.project[at]gmail.com

The Eco Steps Team

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It was sunny, warm and relaxing in Cluj-Napoca’s Central Park, this past Saturday. Alongside ELSA’s (European Law Students’ Association) volunteers, we gave info on recycling and gathered signatures for our petition: to reorganize the Unirii Square (in construction at the moment) so that little patches of green/at least a part of the original park will be replanted. The new plan includes mainly stone pavement; see the architectural plan here – http://www.slicker.ro!

Don’t forget to sign the petition here or on the previous post 😉

Greenish Thanks! 🙂

Eco Steps Team

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Sign this petition in order to have a greener Unirii Square!

Eco Steps Team

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This Saturday, on the 23rd of May, starting at 3 p.m., we’ll be in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca telling everyone interested about how and where to recycle. Together with the European Law Students’ Association and The Ecology Association “Floarea de Colt” we’ll be covering a tree in recyclable paper and encourage everyone to throw away waste wisely.

And we’ll be waiting for you!


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To preserve, protect and promote the small oases of “green” existing, still, between stony buildings and cobbled streets, to ensure the balance between humans’ needs and those of nature and to facilitate the continuance of biodiversity.

And because photos can be powerful messengers, we invite you to watch a lyrical depiction of life’s journey through time, by Frans Lanting – Nat Geo photographer, presented at TED on February 2005.

Check it out here! 🙂

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tree-doiOur proudly-created and proudly-worn, tshirt 🙂

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