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To the people that paved this park in Cluj-Napoca, Grigorescu neighborhood, and did NOT cut the trees we can only say…


We bow,

The Eco Steps Team

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Let’s Do It!” campaigns are major corporate responsibility actions that involve lots of people happily volunteering for a massive cleaning during a short amount of time, a day usually, all over their countries. Two years ago, Estonia set the tone. New Delhi embraced it with wisdom and grace whilst Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine and Latvia have organized or are in the process of organizing similar events as well.

Claudia is one of our dearest volunteers, who joined our forces a couple of years ago. She is fiercely independent, loves to take impromptu journeys whenever and wherever her fancy strikes, is a bon vivant in the truest French style – a culture she highly admires, and a most original fashionista at heart and trough her style.

Here is her tale of this great adventure that involved over 200 000 people who during just one day, cleaned the whole country up. Now that’s major autumn cleaning! 🙂

Romania, we did it!

On September 25th, this year (2010), Romania took the national garbage out for the first time. Inspired by the experiences other countries had, more than 200.000 volunteers decided to participate in “Let’s do it, Romania” and it must have been the biggest social responsibility event in Romania, so far. More so, I am convinced most people will not like it to be also the last one.

At a quick review, the event was successful although there’s plenty of garbage still to be collected. People got involved, gave an example to others, awareness was raised in people’s conscience, and most importantly, children learned a valuable lesson. A reason to be proud of your country.  However the best feeling, the true success was felt in the hearts of the volunteers… the kind of satisfaction that came from being an active part of it.

Each team has a story, I’m sure it’s a catchy one, but ours is always better 😉

Our team was a small one. At first. We were 4 adults and my 10 year old nephew. That morning we were assigned with a region comprising 3 villages. Despite the little misunderstanding at the beginning, our GPS coordinates were not very accurate, we found tons of PETs and wrappings thrown away randomly.

The first village was simple. We caught the attention of the whole population. People thanked us and were happy somebody sent young people to clean after other young but irresponsible people; their own. By the way, I haven’t seen too many old people making mess around themselves. Oh, I almost forgot, we spoke to the mayor as well.

Her  team: her sister, mom, Andrei, her nephew, with the mayor.

Before we got to the second village we found a very beautiful lake whose shores were ”hiding” so many filthy things you could not even imagine.

The next village had, however, an even bigger surprise; this time, a positive one. The first houses we encountered, located near the lake, were surrounded by tons of garbage. We started to clean their surroundings when we were joined by some children; at first two, and then another 4 and so on. Some of them belonged to the gypsy families that were living in these houses around the lake, and unfortunately people in the village would regularly throw their garbage in their “front yard”. The last thing I would like is to sound judgmental. But there were some very open conflicts in that village.

However that didn’t stop any of the children from joining our little cause, and from giving a helping hand. Children’s innocence and lack of prejudice should inspire us all. These children just joined for the fun of it and they were glad to help us along without asking anything in return. And there was obviously no conflict of ethnicity between them, like there was between “grown-ups”. If I come to think of it, images speak better than words.

The children, happy to join in and help 🙂

The kids helped us for several kilometers and we collected more than 10 large sacs together. We were truly impressed by their willingness to be good and to do positive things in life and to learn. After all that hard work we had to delight ourselves a bit.

A car full of happy kids 🙂

Sharing and being together.

There would be so much more to extract from such an experience, but as said in the beginning, the most important thing is to be a part of it. I sure hope “Let’s do it, Romania” will have other episodes, and that keeping our world clean becomes a MUST. We know for sure it can be done.

Thanks, Clau! 😉 Here is the link for this national activity.

The Eco Steps Team

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Mid March 2010: cold and gray day outside, but joyful and green on the inside 🙂 we held one of our ecology workshops at Tandarica Foundation, here in Cluj-Napoca. At two kindergarten classes, with kids between 3 and a half years old, up to 6.

They were wonderful!

Not only did we learn, together, the whys and hows of ecology and recycling, but we also laughed, sang and planted wheat seeds into our recycled hand-made pots, decorated with used paper.

Check out our photos here! 🙂

Io explaining the basics.

Using some old cards to decorate the pots.

With the pots ready, starting to plant the seeds 🙂

The seeds in the pot 😀

Counting the seeds…

More Eco talk with the older kids

The freshly decorated pots, with the seeds in them!

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Oh, yes! 🙂 we love to get together and clean up public spaces, especially parks that have been overlooked and in need of some cleansing attention 😉

Here’s some photos from one of our actions, last spring…

You can find all kinds of things in the trash…

Near the Somes River bank

Getting some extra help…

The ECO STEPS and EVS volunteers! 🙂

What are your tales? what made you efficient and not so in your cleaning endeavors?…


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Parcul Feroviarilor

So, we are keeping everyone posted with our plans, in English this time 😉

We’re enthusiastic that friends from other countries, currently studying in Cluj-Napoca, have joined forces with us! We are renewing the invitation for cleaning affected areas in Cluj – we’re thinking about a beautiful park close to the railway station – “Feroviarilor Park”.

Anyone who wants to join us is welcomed both by Eco Steps and AIESEC Cluj for this initiative, on the 6th of June, starting at 9 a.m.!

e-mail: ecosteps.project[at]gmail.com

The Eco Steps Team

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Sign this petition in order to have a greener Unirii Square!

Eco Steps Team

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