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No trash, no left overs, no garbage!

Here’s how the people of Kamikatsu, Japan do it! 🙂

To help you out even more – an extensive article on how to recycle everything, here! 😉

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… Here’s some really beautiful and creative ways in which you can reuse them!

I collected these photos from the web: Pinterest, House of Turquoise Blog, “Room with a view” and “Some more inspiration, please” Facebook pages. If you recognize them to be yours and you want me to take them down, let me know 😉 I just wanted to share their creativity and inspiration with the rest of us 🙂

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Now, when playing and working with the kiddies, I knew that toilet paper rolls could come in handy and were used quite often, usually to give life to paper characters.

But after reading THIS article, I realized that I have yet to learn about being truly creative in reusing the toilet paper rolls to their utmost capacity! (did you see the kid’s wig????… now I know what I”ll be next Halloween! 😀 )

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On the International Water Day, just a little reminder of the simple things that we can do to make our lives better. And with that, everybody else’s.

Water? it’s precious, it’s good, vital and easily accessible if you are from what we call nowadays, a Western-modernized country. Not everybody is so drink it with joy, have more than enough, but save what you don’t need for the others.

Turn it off when you brush your teeth or scrub that plate.

Start small but keep persevering. Be a model for your kids and neighbors. Just like with everything else, a bit goes a long run!

And if you’re feeling super, extra, Earthly friendly, try the water footprint calculator from National Geographic and pledge to return some of your water to its natural system and thus sending it back to the rest of us!

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Mid March 2010: cold and gray day outside, but joyful and green on the inside 🙂 we held one of our ecology workshops at Tandarica Foundation, here in Cluj-Napoca. At two kindergarten classes, with kids between 3 and a half years old, up to 6.

They were wonderful!

Not only did we learn, together, the whys and hows of ecology and recycling, but we also laughed, sang and planted wheat seeds into our recycled hand-made pots, decorated with used paper.

Check out our photos here! 🙂

Io explaining the basics.

Using some old cards to decorate the pots.

With the pots ready, starting to plant the seeds 🙂

The seeds in the pot 😀

Counting the seeds…

More Eco talk with the older kids

The freshly decorated pots, with the seeds in them!

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Want to know more about ALL the stuff that you’re buying, using, consuming and throwing later in the trash? you can do so here: Annie Leonard The Story of Stuff

Live ECO!


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They say during breaks you need to take with you only what is truly necessary. Take your eco bags with you; take your heart and hug trees, eat fruits, enjoy the sun. We’ll be back in the fall to renew our ecology objectives together with you.

And don’t forget to take your trash also when you move forward. It’s yours, just like everything else.


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It was sunny, warm and relaxing in Cluj-Napoca’s Central Park, this past Saturday. Alongside ELSA’s (European Law Students’ Association) volunteers, we gave info on recycling and gathered signatures for our petition: to reorganize the Unirii Square (in construction at the moment) so that little patches of green/at least a part of the original park will be replanted. The new plan includes mainly stone pavement; see the architectural plan here – http://www.slicker.ro!

Don’t forget to sign the petition here or on the previous post 😉

Greenish Thanks! 🙂

Eco Steps Team

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This Saturday, on the 23rd of May, starting at 3 p.m., we’ll be in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca telling everyone interested about how and where to recycle. Together with the European Law Students’ Association and The Ecology Association “Floarea de Colt” we’ll be covering a tree in recyclable paper and encourage everyone to throw away waste wisely.

And we’ll be waiting for you!


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