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Oh, yes! 🙂 we love to get together and clean up public spaces, especially parks that have been overlooked and in need of some cleansing attention 😉

Here’s some photos from one of our actions, last spring…

You can find all kinds of things in the trash…

Near the Somes River bank

Getting some extra help…

The ECO STEPS and EVS volunteers! 🙂

What are your tales? what made you efficient and not so in your cleaning endeavors?…


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A Chinese proverb tells us that if we want to plant for a year, we should plant rice and if we want to plant  for a decade, we should plant trees…. Well, we hoped to plant for a much longer period than that. 🙂

So, here’s a glimpse of our planting efforts in the Retezat National Park Romania, late Octomber 2oo8 and in Cluj-Napoca, April 2009.

We had great help and enthusiasm from all over the country “Paper Tree” – Media Org volunteers, as well as EVS ones and local high schoolers that wanted to dedicate their time and energy to join us.

On our way, prepared to plant the trees…

Happily planting in the Retezat National Park 🙂

The ECO STEPS volunteers taking a break

Planting trees with the aid of the EVS volunteers in Cluj-Napoca, Spring 2009.


The trees, in their new home

Per total, during both actions, we planted over 2000 trees! how cool is that? 😉

If you have similar actions, please, share them with us!


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