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From their transient states to their multifunctionality, trees are also beautifully depicted in art.

Here’s an interesting doc, made at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), about the ways in which they are timelessly captured, as well as about all the significations they take in doing so.


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And do it while you still have them!

John Muir was an American naturalist and conservationist leader who understood, even on the verge of the beginning of  the last century, the importance of conserving, protecting and using nature’s resources in a thoughtful and respectful way.

Respectful towards us, animals, trees and the entire ecosystem.

Then, giving nature’s back some untouched space to grow and get wild just as she chooses. National American Parks were thus imagined and established.

He was a pioneer in his own right that would further set the tone for our work, all of us who love our planet, our trees, flowers and fresh air and are striving, with little and grand gestures, to protect and conserve it.

More about him here.

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