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To the people that paved this park in Cluj-Napoca, Grigorescu neighborhood, and did NOT cut the trees we can only say…


We bow,

The Eco Steps Team

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Photo taken in Neulengbach, Austria. May, 2011

* habitat

* shadow

* recreation

* our daily oxygen (14kg daily)

* the cooling of 10 ACs working 20h/day

* peace

* a friend always ready to listen to our incessant talk, mental or verbal, without interfering (!)

* wood for our desks and tables

* apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, oranges… well, you get the idea.

* a hugging buddy

* perfect peak-a-boo spot

And now, what they protect us from:

– light

– heat

– noise

– noisy neighbors 😉

So…what are you waiting for? go and hug one!

More wonderful things about them here.

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Photo taken in Neulengbach’s park, Austria. May, 2011

…some wind energy. High time!

More about it, here (whys, hows, hands on the basics )

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