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In honor of Earth Day, here’s a beautiful and poignant post by Gaby and Autumn!
Celebrate this day by being thoughtful and loving towards our mother Earth, in every way you can and see fit! 🙂


Earth Day is here and let’s all think about being kinder to Mother Earth! I know, we all say we are trying but we need to try harder! It’s about being aware every single day to recycyle, reuse, don’t pollute, pick  up litter, stop the use of pesticides and the list goes on and on and on! It scares me to think of what will be left for future generations. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Earth Day is quite popular and celebrated every year. It really is about all of us inspiring awareness and appreciation for the enviroment for ourselves and passing it on to others! I want to share with you some quotes I found for this special day. I’m quite sure this will be an important topic today and many others will be writing a post about Earth Day. So, I feel it…

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This amazing project might come in handy! 😉

Join fellow enthusiasts right on the platform and rejoice in the power that like-minded, positive, creative and community-loving  people share together! 🙂

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Botanical Apartments in Phuket, Thailand

Source for the photo found here (Facebook, A room with a view Page) 🙂

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