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World cleanup 2012 is here! πŸ™‚

85 countries are scheduled to do major cleanups between March and September 2012. Romania is scheduled for the 12th of May as well as Turkey, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova. If you want to participate, check the link above. If you have never done it and you cannot participate to the actual official event in your home town and country, do not lose hope!

Cleanups can be easily organized if you:

  • discover a place that needs to be cleaned,
  • talk with the city council,
  • set out a date and a time in advance,
  • put up an announcement at your local school, institution, public library or cafeteria (the more the better and it can be a very simple notice with the date, the time, the place and the reasons why; you might also need permission from the owners so check with them first before placing the notice),
  • buy heavy duty garbage bags and gloves (check your local supermarkets for sponsorship)
  • and last, but not the least, find fellow enthusiasts!

There’s plenty of resources and support online (if you cannot find it in your own community). Find inspiration in others’ activities and photos if you’ve never done it before (you can also check our photos from our cleaning sessions in Cluj-Napoca!)

The idea is to DO something about it!

We live in a world in which the power to consume has grown exponentially with every day in the past decades and with that, the issue of disposing the leftovers (electronics, plastic, glass, food…).

HOW we do it is of major consequence for the health of our environment, the planet….of ourselves.

I have always found the garbage and the trash on the streets, in nature, next to riverbanks, incomprehensible! Even now, after 6 years of studying psychology (and basically learning how to get and accept people for who they, what they think and what they do), getting involved in community projects, doing my best to have and spread eco-friendly behaviors, I am still amazed and shocked to see people throwing stuff on the streets, not realizing that the need to recycle is not a luxury or a fancy hobby but a MUST! Is it lack of care, lack of education, lack of access to recycling centers?… I always wonder!

Have you ever looked around and watched people, in supermarkets, buying their daily/weekly groceries? carts filled with food and things most of them ALL packaged! what will happen with the packages, where will they go? what will happen to them afterwards? in a day, a year, 2/3…

Now, think of all the people, out there, that are buying stuff in the cities nearby yours, then in all the other states or counties, then in the other countries, right now, in just ONE DAY! Then imagine them doing that every day, every week, every year, from now on. Isn’t that a bit scary? so much stuff, most of them getting in the trash dumps, at the outskirts of the city, that will keep growing and growing, polluting the Earth, then the waters!

Having that in mind, becoming aware of all the things we buy and pondering if we REALLY need them, managing waste in an environmentally friendly way or learning to become creative with the things that we already have so that we do not buy senselessly becomes, I believe, a necessary attitude to acquire (seriously now, do you really need that extra big TV when your old one works perfectly fine, or that iphone just because it’s “cool”, new, and everyone has them right now?Β …and it goes the same for food and clothes!)

Think about it!

Eco Steps Team

p.s: Romania is gathering her forces here! πŸ˜‰

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A Chinese proverb tells us that if we want to plant for a year, we should plant rice and if we want to plantΒ  for a decade, we should plant trees…. Well, we hoped to plant for a much longer period than that. πŸ™‚

So, here’s a glimpse of our planting efforts in the Retezat National Park Romania, late Octomber 2oo8 and in Cluj-Napoca, April 2009.

We had great help and enthusiasm from all over the country “Paper Tree” – Media Org volunteers, as well as EVS ones and local high schoolers that wanted to dedicate their time and energy to join us.

On our way, prepared to plant the trees…

Happily planting in the Retezat National Park πŸ™‚

The ECO STEPS volunteers taking a break

Planting trees with the aid of the EVS volunteers in Cluj-Napoca, Spring 2009.


The trees, in their new home

Per total, during both actions, we planted over 2000 trees! how cool is that? πŸ˜‰

If you have similar actions, please, share them with us!


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