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It was sunny, warm and relaxing in Cluj-Napoca’s Central Park, this past Saturday. Alongside ELSA’s (European Law Students’ Association) volunteers, we gave info on recycling and gathered signatures for our petition: to reorganize the Unirii Square (in construction at the moment) so that little patches of green/at least a part of the original park will be replanted. The new plan includes mainly stone pavement; see the architectural plan here – http://www.slicker.ro!

Don’t forget to sign the petition here or on the previous post 😉

Greenish Thanks! 🙂

Eco Steps Team

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This Saturday, on the 23rd of May, starting at 3 p.m., we’ll be in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca telling everyone interested about how and where to recycle. Together with the European Law Students’ Association and The Ecology Association “Floarea de Colt” we’ll be covering a tree in recyclable paper and encourage everyone to throw away waste wisely.

And we’ll be waiting for you!


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