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Photo taken in Neulengbach, Austria. May, 2011

* habitat

* shadow

* recreation

* our daily oxygen (14kg daily)

* the cooling of 10 ACs working 20h/day

* peace

* a friend always ready to listen to our incessant talk, mental or verbal, without interfering (!)

* wood for our desks and tables

* apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, oranges… well, you get the idea.

* a hugging buddy

* perfect peak-a-boo spot

And now, what they protect us from:

– light

– heat

– noise

– noisy neighbors 😉

So…what are you waiting for? go and hug one!

More wonderful things about them here.

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This is for the happily vegans and vegetarians out there, who will probably be very glad to hear that in Sankt Polten, the capital of Lower Austria, you are reminded, very cunningly, to stop eating animals. 🙂

Yes, we love animals just as much as we love the flowers, the trees, the green grass and the blue sky.

And even though eating or not meat is a personal choice, dependent on our beliefs, resources and upbringing, and we are not in any way fit to recommend what you should or not be eating, it is worth considering it.

Here are some resources with the pros:




For those ambivalent towards the idea of giving up the delights of flesh forever, here’s an interesting talk that shows you how to compromise on the amount of the meat intake and the benefits of doing so:


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trees poemThe poem was posted on the path to Natural Bridge in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA. Trip to and photo taken in the summer of 2006.

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Watch this incredible video about a butterfly emerging from a cocoon then spreading its wings (found on Gimundo‘s website – Good News, Served Daily)

Take a look at it here! 🙂

The Eco Steps Team

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The trees themselves were an image of ordered complexity: the roots patiently drew nutrients from the soil, and the capillaries of the trunks sent water twenty-five metres upwards, each branch taking enough but not too much for the needs of its own leaves, each leaf in turn contributing to the maintenance of the whole. The trees were an image of patience, for they would sit out this rainy morning and the many that would follow it without complaint, adjusting themselves to the slow shift of the seasons, showing no ill temper in a storm, no desire to wander from their spot for an impetuous journey across to another valley – content to keep their many slender fingers deep in the clammy soil, metres from their central stems and far from those tallest leaves that held the rainwater in their palms.

Beautiful description of oak tress by Alain de Botton, found in his book, “The Art of Travel”, first published in 2002. More about the author and his work, here.

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tree-doiOur proudly-created and proudly-worn, tshirt 🙂

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